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I am an MBA in Marketing and currently doing job as a Presales Associate in an established IT company in Bangalore. Being an MBA student, I wanted to learn Digital Marketing since 2017.

Where was I lacking?

I did couple of paid and free courses on Digital Marketing and related topics from here and there, but never got satisfied. I never felt that much confident to start a career in Digital Marketing or apply for a job in this field. I did couple of small projects on Social Media Marketing and Content Writing as well, but that did not help me to enhance my knowledge anyway. I was lacking having a proper guidance from a mentor who can guide me from the scratch and also, I couldn’t get opportunities to implement the skillsets which I was started learning. If you can’t implement what you are learning, you will forget it anyway. That is what exactly happened with me. Even though I was learning the theories, practically I was unable to apply them. So, I ended up choosing another career path. But, as this field always attracted me, I never got detached from this and used to seek opportunities to learn more.

Where am I now?

I am a part of Digital Deepak Internship batch 6, and I can already say that I have never learnt before the way I am learning now. I feel much more confident about my skills now.

About Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP)

Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP) is a training program which is designed and created by Deepak Kanakaraju, a Digital Marketing Mentor and Entrepreneur from India.

Who Is Deepak Kanakaraju?

Deepak Kanakaraju is a Digital Marketing Mentor and the owner of a digital agency called Pixeltrack. He started his journey as a Motorcycle blogger and eventually become a Digital Marketing Mentor and Entrepreneur. He is also having a well established digital marketing blog. He is in this industry since 2008. He has started this internship program with a mission to create more Digital Marketers in the Industry.

How did I get to know about DDIP?

Since 2017 only, as I started learning the basics of digital marketing, I started following some online digital marketing bloggers as well. Since then, I started following Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju and his blog. Often, I used to visit his blogs and start reading his articles. From the end of 2019, I started receiving emails from him . He used to send high value contents on digital marketing. Also, he sent free e-books on related topics which helped me to stay connected with this field in a busy schedule. As I started following him very closely, I got to know about his Digital Marketing Internship Program, when he launched this on 2020. But because of busy schedule I could not join at that time. But I am happy that, at least I could join this life changing program.

Who can join DDIP?

People who are interested in Digital Marketing and want to build a career in this field can join this program without having a second thought. Also, new startup owners or people who want to start their business but does not have an idea how to start, also can join. Besides, I will recommend this program to all the students who are unsure about their career. For now, this program is available only for Indians. Deepak sir has created this program in such a way, so that people can transform themselves and get a proper idea exactly where and how to start.

The basic differences between other Internships and DDIP

This internship is not like the traditional one where you work for someone for money, neither it is a general training program where you invest money to learn. In this program, you will invest some money as a security, and you will get back some or all the amount you invested, as you submit the assignments. Here you will be paid for learning. As, your money will be involved, you will get extra motivation and push to complete the assignments on time. Besides, you will get lot more side earning opportunities while doing this program. And if you perform well in the assignments you will get more money.

The Basic Features of DDIP:-

  • This is a 12 weeks Internship Program with 4 bonus weeks
  • You will get high value video contents with lifetime access
  • Proper guidance and networking with WhatsApp and Telegram groups
  • Weekly high value assignments where you will implement your learning for your own projects
  • Weekly Q&A sessions with the batch mentor
  • Personal guidance from the batch mentor
  • Weekly session with Deepak sir where you will get to know about extra opportunities and updates
  • Extra earning opportunity if you can perform well

What and how you can learn

If you have just started with Digital marketing and know nothing about it, this program will teach you from the scratch in the most effective and interesting way. This program will start with a welcome session with Deepak sir. In my case, that time I didn’t have much idea about the contents of this program. As I joined this program, I have been given the entire content structure. The internship started with a two-hour long video which was not about the Digital Marketing. The video helped me to think differently and changed my entire vision towards life. Basically it is a video on success mindset. From the first week itself, I felt super motivated and determined. As the week passed, I got a clear idea about my career part and become more confident. I learnt so many thinks step by step and got a chance to implement all the skills through the weekly assignments. Sometimes I felt so overwhelmed with the assignments, but it really pushed me to get better.

Topics you will learn:-

  • The basics of Marketing – People who doesn’t have any knowledge or have very limited knowledge in marketing, in this week, you will get to know all about  the marketing basics. Digital Marketing is a part of Marketing. Basically, it is a marketing technique in the Digital Platform. In this week, you will learn the importance of learning basic marketing laws and techniques. You will learn about marketing funnels and MassTrust blueprint.
  • Finding your niche – Next week is all about finding your own profitable niche. In this week, you will invent your own niche according to your passion, talent and market need. This week’s exercise is really interesting and once you do it, you will be more clear about your strengths and career path.
  • Creating your own WordPress Website – In this week you will learn to create and set up a website from the scratch. And once you create your own website, you will feel confident to create more in the future for your clients.
  • Content Marketing Strategy – In this important week, you will know different strategies of content creation and you will be given some tasks to create contents. You will be much more confident about content creation after this week’s assignment.
  • Tribe building and Social Media Marketing – You will create your own fan base in this week. This is a really interesting week and this assignment will help you to come out from your comfort zone. You will learn the importance to build a tribe in your own platform and different techniques to build a tribe.
  • Lead generation – In this assignment you will generate B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) leads. Also, you will learn about various tools and techniques in this week.
  • Facebook Ads – In this important lesson you will learn everything about Facebook ad and you will be given an assignment to create and run Facebook ads for your own niche.
  • Google Ads – Google ads are more important. In this week you will learn everything about google ads and will get an assignment on this.
  • SEO – Being a digital marketer, SEO is one of the most important skill to learn. Without SEO you won’t be able to scale up your business.
  • Email Marketing & Automation – Marketing is automation is must have skill for any digital marketer. This skill will help you to automate the day to day tasks which you won’t be able to perform manually. You will learn about important tools of marketing automation also you will lean about deep marketing in this important week.
  • Sales & Conversion – Lastly sales is the most important thing of any business. You can’t generate profit if you can’t convert your leads into sales. So, in this week you will learn everything about sales and conversion.
  • Personal Branding – Personal Branding is really important nowadays. According to Deepak sir, people trust a person more than a logo. So, It’s really import to build a personal brand first. You will learn everything about the personal branding in this week.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Affiliates are everywhere. You will learn about the methods and tools of affiliate marketing in this week.
  • Digital Freelancing – In this bonus lesson, you will be guided to earn as a digital freelancer and get clients. (How to approach, the price structure, progress method etc.)
  • Digital Mentoring – Lastly, in this week you will learn about digital mentoring. You will learn how to earn through digital mentoring.

At the end of this program, you will get all the necessary skills to become a successful digital marketer and you will start earning with much confidence and knowledge.

The Transformation

Currently, I am in the 8th week of this Internship and already getting results out of this. I have created my own blog and made my own tribe. After completing 4th week, I got an opportunity to work as a content writing freelancer with a company and now I am working with them.  The things I am doing now, I never had this much clarity and confidence before.

This is a highly recommended internship program to all. I can guarantee you that you will thank me later. 🙂

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